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Session Nine Upcoming stops:

Date - TimeSessionStopLocation
10/25/2014 - 1 pm92Sharks, Shawnee, KS
11/1/2014 - 2 pm93Shooters, Olathe, KS
11/15/2014 - 1 pm94Clarette Club, Mission, KS
12/6/2014 - 1 pm95Sharks, Shawnee, KS
12/20/2014 - 2 pm96Shooters, Olathe, KS


Tour Rules:

  • * * * No Tour Card Required * * *
  • Sign up by 12:30 PM for 1:00 PM start times; 1:30 for 2:00 PM start times.
  • All players must be present before scheduled start time.
  • All players will receive points for playing. (view points scale)
  • $40 entry fee includes $10 green fee. Tables will be open for practice 1 hour before tournament starts.
  • Race to rating 9-ball.
  • Unknown players will come in as a 12. The Tournament Director may bring you in at a lesser rating if your "speed" is known by other players. The Tournament Director has the last word on all ratings decisions.
  • Limited to 64 players.
  • Flip for first break then alternate break.
  • Rack your own.
  • No Magic Racks allowed
  • Making the 9-ball on the break in one of the racking corners is not an automatic win. The breaker has the choice to spot the 9-ball and continue at the table as is or he/she can rerack and break again.
  • Legal break: Four balls to a rail or a pocketed ball.
  • Player allowed to push out after the break.
  • 3-foul rule is in effect.
  • Jump cues must be at least 40" long.
  • 45-second shot clock will be used if necessary.
  • No cell phone use OR HEADGEAR during a match. ANY use will result in an immediate ball in hand foul for your opponent. There will be no warnings on this.
  • When your opponent is at the table, you will be seated and quiet.
  • Balls moved during the act of shooting:
    • If one ball is moved, your opponent may move it back. If there is any disagreement in position, the game will be reracked and replayed
    • If more than one ball is moved, it is a ball in hand foul for your opponent
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct may result in a lost of game, match or ejection from the hall and tour.

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Session Nine Sponsors:

Durbin Custom Cues Roach Custom Cues Doug Patrick Custom Cues
Treadway Custom Cues QB Custom Cues Simonis Cloth 
CueStix Billiard Supplies  Zimmerman Custom Cues Pool4u.com

Call Doug Patrick at Shooters
(618-709-2615) to become a sponsor.

Current Tour Leaders:

1Johnny Robinson70 
2Jake Santora60 
3Taylor Anderson50Click to see photo
4Joe Pleasant40 
5Pat Caine30 
5Brandon Wagner30 
7James Markley20 
7Manny Perez20Click to see photo
9James Bryan15 
9Dave McWhirk15 
9Jason Robinson15 
9Jesse Vogel15Click to see photo
13Mike McPherson10 
13Phil Runyan10Click to see photo
13Rob Steele10 
13Todd Ward10 

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